Arthur Goldhammer

Senior Affiliate, Center for European Studies

Harvard University

Selected Articles

On the Work of Alain Corbin
French Culture under Mitterrand
On Enlightenment and Postmodernism
On Renoir's "Rules of the Game"
On Georges Canguilhem
What the Translator Must Know
How to Do Things With Style
Forbidden Fruit
On the Mansfield-Winthrop Translation of Tocqueville
French Art of the Occupation
Fumaroli's "Cultural State"
David Bell's "Cult of the Nation"
Remembering France
Burrin on the Occupation
Louis Pasteur
French Historiography
Translating Tocqueville
Camus at Combat
Dompter ce monstre la Démocratie
Did Historians Make History
Rhetoric of Hope and Fear in Tocqueville's Democracy
A Fearful Asymmetry
Emerson, Young America, and the Imagination of Empire
Review of Denis Lacorne, De la Religion en Amérique
Tocqueville, Associations, and the Law of 1834
Falsehoods Not Intended to Deceive: Popular Sovereignty and Higher Law
De la démocratie en France, 2008
Le Grand Old Party
La gauche après la crise et après Obama
Réinventer la Démocratie en Amérique
Divided Consciousness: A Pessimistic Pilgrim's Progress (tribute to Patrice Higonnet)
Algeria Is What Pains Me
State of Europe, March 2017

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